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    6 Responses to “Two key ingredients to keep us cooking”

    1. So good to hear about people like Telma…very moving. Brilliant idea to form the Focus Group! Well done!

    2. Hi Jonny
      Keep you g be inspired and focussed
      Please pray for AE and Josh’s accommodation and support we expect good things this year
      Praying for you all

    3. So wonderful to hear these stories. Good people are around us everywhere doing their bit in their corner of their world to see freedom, goodness, wholeness and love prevail. One act of kindness inspires another by those who see and hear it.

      You described your vision, passion and determination… that is what will see you to success in this dream you two, and your crowd of supporters. Your heart is clear on its dream!

      Businesses can have all the financial support, advertising and the greatest qualified minds on the task but they so often fail if they are not clear on their dream, passionate in their endeavors and determined in the face of adversity. These are far more important factors in success.

      You have exactly the ingredients to see this to fruition!! God bless your plans. You have cheer leaders around the globe!


    4. Amazing… Really enjoyed your blog Jonny. Wow indeed.. for people like Telma.
      It’s so easy to be overwhelmed by ‘needs’, but to make a difference, even for one person, is what it’s all about… Who knows what those seeds will grow into. Keep up the good work. Liked the quote re enthusiasm… so true. Love and Prayers for you all. Rachel

    5. Really appreciate the comments, thanks all!

    6. Hi Jonny

      Enjoyed reading that immensely.

      So proud of you guys.

      1 Samuel 30:6:

      But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God. ESV

      But David encouraged himself in the Lord his God. KJV

      But David comforted himself in the Lord his God. Geneva Bible

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